DPA lead the team of architects, engineers, and water quality specialists in the design and construction of the new 5.2 acre Tiger exhibit built to house the park’s six Sumatran tigers, while providing a uniquely up-close and interactive experience for visitors. The attraction provides multiple tiger habitats and viewing areas designed to treat guests to face-to-face encounters with the animals. As visitors wind their way through lush landscaping, the attraction unfolds slowly and distinct features of the exhibit come into view. A glass-walled underwater viewing area and a dramatic waterfall with a pond below allow guests exhilarating views of the water-loving tigers. Further on visitors can wander through the Sumatran Longhouse, a 9,000 square-foot building featuring the sharply sloping roof line and ornate carved details characteristic of traditional Indonesian architecture. Just on the others side of the thick glass Longhouse walls tigers lounge on heated rocks, providing some of the exhibit’s best photo opportunities.

A few sights and sounds from Tiger Trail.
A glimpse into the process. A few plans, details and concept illustrations created by DPA.

The entire 5.5 acre Tiger exhibit focuses on children, but in addition there’s a specific portion dedicated to a children’s play – a Sumatran Logging Camp. Active play is encouraged through climbing felled logs or rope ladders, interacting with momma tiger or finding her cubs hidden away. There’s also a tent, campfire, bags of rice, and other equipment for imaginative camping play. In addition we are promoting conservation by teaching visitors the current and sad conditions in Sumatra with the decimation of jungle habitat. On the neighboring hill is a replica logging camp complete with clothes on the line and a permanently installed chain saw. When children pull the trigger the sound of chain saws reverberates throughout the forest. When the chain saw goes quiet the sounds of birds and animals come back. The logging camp shows families how trees are felled and logged from the jungle thereby eliminating natural habitat for the Tigers.

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