Initially planned as a large parking lot and pump station, DPA, seized the opportunity to enhance the master plan to incorporate an educational opportunity to offer visitors a hands-on view of the day today workings of a pump station. Located across the street from a shopping center, a sculptural planting theme was employed to soften the contrast between the neighboring businesses and the native desert habitat of the Springs Preserve. Layered planting beds disguise the reservoir, while a designed biofilter treats storm water runoff.

Visitors enter the pump station building following a similar course as the water, through a 13± foot diameter water pipe with a gate valve door. Guests are pumped up an elevator adjacent a 3-story manhole and exit onto the tank view plaza. Down a small low ceiling corridor visitors can see into the actual 20 million gallon water reservoir. From here they travel back into the building to an overlook with interpretative signs mounted onto a gantry crane that drops into and out of view. Picking up a lab coat and punch card, guests move into a control room with real time data to view and work with. Form here you enter a testing lab to experiment with water properties. Visitors also tour a hands on view of cut a way valves during the docent led tour.

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