This is an educational garden designed to teach visitors and function as a living text book. At the entry, visitors are introduced to the garden and why it’s so important to care about landscape environments, sustainability as well as responsibility. Visitors then transition to interpertive nodes where they are taught how to apply these concepts to their own home landscapes.

There are six different garden types, from a triplex unit garden to a wooded landscape. Each area is rectangular in shape with sizes as appropriate for showing landscape solutions to different urban, suburban and country residential settings.  Each includes a "house", defined by doors and windows floating in hedges and foundation plantings.  Visitors enter each house through the doors and walk the paths and patios through the yards to discover how each yard has addressed soil, water, plant selection, and plant care advantages and challenges specific to N.E. Ohio.  Some displays concentrate on front yard situations, some back and some both, front and back. Each garden has a challenge and objective that the design is intended to meet noted on the interpretive signage.  Seasonal design considerations are noted on temporary/changeable signage throughout each garden.

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